This is a databaseless blogging system which uses markdown files. It's not very complex and so there is not much to go wrong, and it should run well on any server hardware.


Log into your system with:

ssh myusername@mydomain -p 2222

Using cursor keys and Enter key select Administrator controls and type in your password.

Select Add/Remove Apps then bluit. Enter the subdomain that you which to use, such as blog.mydomain, and optionally a FreeDNS code.

Now in a browser navigate to your subdomain. You will need to enter some details for the database. You'll be asked to provide an initial administrator password.

From there on it's all pretty straightforward. If you need to publish a draft the post status can be changed on a drop down list on the right hand side.

If you need to subsequently get to the administrator controls to create a new blog navigate to blog.mydomain/admin and log in.

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