This enables you to store your music on the Freedombone server and then access it from any internet connected device. If you just want to make music accessible within your home network then DLNA is usually sufficient, but if you want to be able to play your music from anywhere then Koel is a better option.



Log into your system with:

ssh myusername@mydomain -p 2222

Using cursor keys and Enter key select Administrator controls and type in your password.

Select Add/Remove Apps then koel. You will then be asked for a domain name and if you are using FreeDNS also the code for the domain which can be found under Dynamic DNS on the FreeDNS site (the random string from "quick cron example" which appears after update.php? and before >>). For more details on obtaining a domain and making it accessible via dynamic DNS see the FAQ. Typically the domain name you use will be a subdomain, such as It will need to be a domain which you have bought somewhere and own and not one of the FreeDNS subdomains, otherwise you won't be able to get a SSL/TLS certificate for it.

Go back to the Administrator control panel, select Passwords then koel. You can then use this password together with your email address to initially log in.

Once logged in go to settings and set the media path to /music.


Importing music

This app doesn't have any way to upload music and instead just expects that there will be a directory on the server containing music files. There are a couple of ways to get new music files onto the system: either by using ssh or by putting them onto a USB drive.


Via ssh

On your local system:

scp -P 2222 -r ~/Music username@domainname:/home/username

This will copy anything files in your local Music directory to your home directory on the Freedombone system.

Now log in to your Freedombone system:

ssh username@domainname -p 2222

And select Administrator settings followed by App settings then koel. Select Import music from directory then using up and down cursors select the directory and press space so that it appears in the selection box below. Select Ok and then the files will be moved to their final destination in the /music directory.

Via USB drive

Create a LUKS formatted USB drive. It's possible to do this by plugging a new USB drive into the Freedombone system then going to the Administrator control panel, selecting App settings then koel then Format a USB drive. You will need to specify a password, which in this case doesn't need to be anything highly secure.

Once the drive if formatted you can remove it and copy Music files onto it from other systems. Make sure the files are contained within a directory named Music.

Once you have music on a LUKS formatted USB drive then plug it into the Freedombone system. Go to the Administrator control panel, select App settings then koel then Import music from USB drive. Enter the password you used to create the drive and music files will then be copied.


To detect the imported files you might need to re-synchronize. Within Koel go to settings and then select Scan. Any imported files should then be available to play.

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