Smol RSS

This is an extremely simple RSS reader which is available only from an onion address, so that you have the right to read. There is very little code and so not much attack surface, and it will scale to screens of any size. This should be a better reading experience on mobile than with tt-rss.

A disadvantage is that you can only add or remove feeds via the Freedombone administrator control panel, so this isn't suitable for multi-user environments. But once you have your feeds set up it's trivial to use, and unless you publish the onion address confidentiality should be maintained.


ssh into the system with:

ssh -p 2222

Select Administrator controls then Add/Remove Apps then smolrss.

After installation within Administrator controls go to App settings then smolrss. You can then add some feeds or edit the existing feed list. There are a few default feeds as an example.

Within Administrator controls go to About this system and select smolrss. You will then have the onion address. Navigate to your reader in a Tor compatible browser. You may need to allow the site within NoScript. Then select a feed from the list and begin reading. That's all there is to it.

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