This system comes in three versions:

Server apps

These apps are available on all server versions of the system, either via clearnet or onion addresses.

AberMUSH - MUD game played over telnet
Akaunting - A web based accounts system for small businesses or freelancers.
BabyBuddy - Helps caregivers track sleep, feedings, diaper changes, and tummy time.
Bludit - Databaseless blogging system.
Chess - The classic chess server
Crossfire - Gauntlet-like multi-player RPG
CryptPad - Collaborative documents, presentations, votes and drawing.
Datserver - Seed dat protocol files from your server to make them always accessible.
DLNA - Play media on UPNP/DLNA supported devices
Dokuwiki - A databaseless wiki system.
EteSync - End-to-end encrypted sync of calendar and contacts between devices.
Etherpad - Collaborative document creation.
Federated wiki - A new approach to creating wiki content.
Flightgear - Multi-player server for the flight simulator
Freeciv - Multi-player server for the city building game
Gemini - Gemini protocol server, similar to gopher but with encryption
Gogs - Lightweight git project hosting system.
Grocy - Inventory management for your home
HTMLy - Databaseless blogging system.
IRC Server - Chat server with bouncer.
Icecast media stream - Make your own internet radio station.
KanBoard - Simple kanban system for managing projects or TODO lists.
Lychee - Make your photo albums available on the web.
Matrix - The Synapse matrix chat server
Minetest - Multi-player server for Minetest
MPD - Stream music from your server
Mumble - VoIP and text chat system.
NextCloud - File storage, chat, webmail and video conferencing.
Pi-Hole - Block web ads at the DNS level.
Poker - Multi-player server for PokerTH
PrivateBin - Pastebin where the server has zero knowledge of the content.
Riot - RiotWeb client for Matrix
Rocketchat - Non-federated chat server (x86 systems only).
Rsync - The classic file syncronization tool
Smol RSS - Minimal RSS reader.
Syncthing - Synchronise files across all of your devices.
Turtl - Privately create and share notes and images.
XMPP - Chat server.

Standard server apps

These apps are not available on the onion only versions, since they can't currently be onion routed.

Friendica - Federated social network system.
Hubzilla - Web publishing platform with social network like features.
Zap - Nomadic social network server

Mesh apps

CryptPad - Collaborate on documents, presentations, votes and drawing while off the grid
IPFS public folder - Share files/audio/video on the mesh.
Kdenlive - Edit videos
Pelican - Static blogging with a large choice of themes
qTox - The main text, VoIP and video chat application
Shotwell - Manage and edit photos

Author: Bob Mottram

Created: 2020-05-06 Wed 20:06