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Federated Wiki

Click on the lock icon at the bottom of the screen and enter the password. It should then appear unlocked. If you don't unlock then any edits you make won't be saved.

There are a few things to know about using the federated wiki.

Select the wiki button at the bottom of the screen, next to pages, to enable or disable editing.

To edit a paragraph double click on it

To remove a paragraph just delete all of its text

Paragraphs can be dragged up and down to change their order, or moved between pages

To add a new paragraph use the + button

You can use left and right cursor keys to move through pages

To claim/fork a page from another server click on the flag icon

When done editing click on the wiki button again

Different versions of the same page on different servers are represented by boxes at the bottom right of the screen. You can double click on them to see the different versions, and use the flag icon to fork if you prefer that version