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A system for privately creating and sharing notes and images, similar to Evernote. It can be set up so that a small number of users on the server can share their notes in a convenient way. It doesn't have any web user interface, and you need to install native clients on mobile or laptop/desktop machines.

Since the data at rest is stored in PGP encrypted format this is a good system to use in cases where security really is a critical factor.


Forward port 80 and 443 from your internet router


Go to https://turtlapp.com/download and you'll then be able to download the appropriate app for your laptop or phone.

Run the downloaded native app then at the bottom of the screen select "advanced settings" and enter your turl domain name, then register a new account. The password can be anything you choose, but since the client side encryption depends upon having a good password make it a long random string generated by a password manager such as KeepassX.

You should then be able to log in and start using the app. You might also want to invite any other users of your Freedombone system to also sign up using the turtl domain name which you specified during installation.

Disabling new registrations

Once you have set up the server with however many users are needed you can then disable any new registrations by selecting Turtl on the Freedombone web interface and going to the settings screen.