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Forward the following ports from your internet router:

5222, 5223, 5269, 5280, 5281

Setting up with an Android phone

1. Install F-Droid

2. Open the F-droid app and select 'Settings' then 'Repositories'. Make sure that 'Guardian Project Official Releases' is enabled

3. Go back to the F-droid initial screen and update the repositories by swiping downwards. You'll see it say "updating repositories". This might take a few minutes.

4. Select search (magnifying glass icon) and search for 'Orbot' (not the legacy version), then select 'install'

5. Search again for 'Conversations' (not the legacy version), then select 'install'

6. Open up the Conversations app and select the menu (three dots), scroll down and select 'Expert Settings' then select 'Connect to Tor'

7. Go back to the initial screen of the Conversations app, select the menu again, then 'Manage accounts'. Add an account by selecting the person icon with the plus next to it.

8. For the Jabber ID enter the email address from your Freedombone user settings

9. For the password use the password which you initially wrote down or stored during the setup of the Freedombone system

10. Select 'Next' to create the account. If eveything is working after a couple of minutes you should see the account status change to 'online' in green

11. You can now go back to the initial Conversations app screen and start using it. You'll probably want to add contacts using the icon at the bottom right. For more information see the Conversations website (conversations.im) or subscribe to the chat group conversations@conference.siacs.eu