Contact details

This site can also be accessed via a Tor browser at http://yjxlc3imv7obva4grjae6u3qw527koaytrgjgdp364hmthrst3jodiid.onion

Email: bob@freedombone.net

PGP/GPG Fingerprint: 9ABB82C00ABF39F82680487DCC2536191FA7C33F

XMPP: bob@freedombone.net with OMEMO or OpenPGP

Matrix: #fbone:matrix.freedombone.net

Tox: 82DD53788AB400843BC75EA96B62DD6C76D2B13E476B995B13C49920A3C8FD32E5365A82FA83

Things which would be nice to have


Know of some fabulous web system which could run on Freedombone, but currently doesn't? Contact the above, and be prepared to make a compelling argument for why it should be included.


At the present time this project is not seeking any funding. There is no crowdfunding campaign and no slick marketing video. Those aren't ruled out as future possibilities, but for now they're just not needed.

If you find this project useful then you may wish to consider donating to one of the related projects upon which it is based.

Testing and reporting bugs

Testing of the install on different hardware. Also pentesting on test installations to find vulnerabilities.

Web design and artwork

A better design for this website would be nice to have. Photos, icons or other artwork are all welcome. I've always liked the cartoon artwork of the Mediagoblin project, and attractive graphics can help to get people initially interested.

Howto videos

If you're good at making videos then a howto for installing Freedombone onto various types of hardware, or testing the mesh system in realistic/exotic scenarios would be good. You could even host videos on PeerTube or Mediagoblin.

More education and promotion


Many people are unaware that running their own internet services is even a possibility. Many also believe that internet services can be provided only if they're supported by advertising or donations, and that only gigantic data centres have enough computing capacity to serve web pages on a worldwide scale. Others may be fearful of encryption due to misrepresentations or misunderstandings of it in the mainstream media. Some may be intimidated by the apparent complexity and think that you need to be some sort of silicon valley genius in order to run a web service on your own. Even many technically-minded folks often believe that they can't run a home server unless they have a static IP address, which isn't true, and others are put off by thinking that any such server will be immediately pwned by blackhat hackers.

Raising awareness beyond the near zero current level, overcoming fear and paranoia and dispelling some of the prevalent myths will definitely help.


To add translations modify the json files within the locale subdirectory. Then make a pull request on the Github site.


Helping to package GNU Social and Hubzilla for Debian would be beneficial.


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